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   - Vacuum packaging is common in the industry due to the wide applications , not only for food but also for the protection of a wide range of products are sealed dust , or corrosive gases in medical , optical and in the pharmaceutical industry and many other sectors .
Vacuum packaging is a process : the air is removed from a storage bag to protect food from damage cactac interact with bacteria , mold and yeast in the air . Vacuum keeps food fresh longer with the usual time allowed for freshness , flavor , color , and nutrients not change
Manpower - saving and fuel consumption with high performance ( can be vacuum packed inter-
further 3 .. 4 1 package instant time )
- Easy to operate and sanitation
Constraint - chemicals, disease prevention , is to encourage the medical industry and waste reduction thucpham .
- Wide application in production and packaging of fresh food , seafood , agricultural products , semi-processed foods and processed : 's green bean cake , red bean ... help retain food flavor , quality .


Power Supply : 220V  Exhaustment of Pump :  54m3/h
 Chamber Dimensions :  540x540x140mm  Machine Dimensions :   600x700x900mm 
 Sealing leght x Width : 500x10mm  Weight :  175kg 


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